Useful Tips For Writing A Veterinary Research Paper Purpose Statement

If you study to become a veterinarian, it’s likely that you’ll have to write many term papers in this field. During your research paper process of writing, you’ll need to come up with a clear purpose statement. It should help you explain the main goals of your study to the reader. To compose a decent purpose statement, you should follow a few tips.

Writing a Veterinary Research Paper Purpose Statement

  • Show your motivation.
  • First of all, in your purpose statement, you should explain why you’ve selected your particular topic instead of many other study areas. State why you care about it and why the reader should care to.

  • Show the significance of your study.
  • Also, you should demonstrate the practical value of your term paper. Explain how your particular study might help make a difference in the field of veterinary. For example, show how your work will help an individual animal, group of animals, or some animal care organization.

  • Address your study questions.
  • Lastly, you should let the reader know about specific questions related to the topic under review that you’re going to find answers to in your study. Indicate what type of research you’re going to conduct to achieve your goals (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed.)

  • Consult your instructor.
  • Having written a draft purpose statement, it’s recommended to show it to your advisor. They’ll tell you whether your statement is decent and explain to you how to make it better if it has any significant flaws.

Topics for a Veterinary Term Paper

If it’s difficult for you to find a good research paper purpose, a list of sample topics related to veterinary should help you come up with an interesting idea.

  1. Farm animals: embryonic mortality.
  2. Diagnosing mycotoxicosis in poultry.
  3. Muscle hypertrophy and beef production.
  4. Poultry and acute virus infections.
  5. Diagnosing viruses in animals: recent advances.
  6. Cattle in the tropics and their diseases.
  7. Transporting animals intended for breeding.
  8. Animal reproduction and diagnostic ultrasound.
  9. Creating the suitable environment for the laying hen.
  10. Cattle and respiratory diseases.

In brief, following the tips above, you’re likely to create a meaningful and clear purpose statement for your veterinary term paper.