4 Basic Things to Know About a Research Paper Title Page in the MLA Format

A research paper in mla format refers to a writing method that is recommended by Modern Language Association and is commonly used in certain humanity areas such as literature and composition. Before you begin writing your essay, you will need to find out from your examiner which writing method you are supposed to use. Here are a few basic facts that you need to know about writing an mla format guidelines research paper.

  • Avoiding plagiarism
    Plagiarism refers to using ideas or words of another person without disclosing their source. Whether unintentional or deliberate, plagiarism can cause failure in a course of even your dismissal from college. In order to ensure that your work is not plagiarized, you will need to acknowledge the source in the in-text citations as well as in the page of Works cited. Ensure that all the direct quotation have been cited. In case you will be using the idea of another person or paraphrasing their words, avoid simply rearranging words. You should ensure that you have your own language and writing style. You can also acknowledge your source in your in-text citation. List your sources or publications in the page of Works cited where you got your citation.
  • In-text citation
    During the first appearance of the other author’s ideas or words, you should reference by including a quotation or paraphrase including the full name of the author as shown in the source. Avoid using titles like Mr., Miss, Mrs., Reverend, Dr., etc. Ensure that the page number where the materials cited is included. Another good idea would be to include the cited text’s title in your first reference.
  • Name of author not used in the text
    In case you will not be using the name of the author in the text, you should only place their last name in the parenthetical citation with page number. Where there is a parenthetical citation avoid using “p” or even “pp” as an indication of the page number. You should also include the title to the text.
  • Over one author
    In case the source that you have cited consists of over one author, you can choose to include all their names in your parenthetical citation in accordance to the source listing. Another alternative is to begin with the first author etc. Ensure that there is a clear distinction between the words that you use as well as those of another person. Use these tips to write your research paper title page mla format.