Guide to Creating a Winning Research Paper Introduction on Nursing Education

Writing a good introduction is one of the most common challenges that students face when writing their research paper for nursing. Every paper that is meant to be persuasive will require a paragraph at the beginning that introduces the subject. This is not an arbitrary requirement as this part is quite crucial. It puts the facts cited in a coherent way and ensures that these have structure.

  • Writing the introduction
    Your persuasive essays introduction needs to be substantial. After reading through this part, the reader should have a clear understanding of your purpose in the writing. Having read the introduction, they should understand where the rest of your paper is headed, what will be introduced in the individual paragraph and the general nature of the conclusion. This part should be able to lay out in a detailed and clear way the general facts as well as theme that you will be using to support it.
  • The goal of the introduction
    Remember that the aim of the introduction will be to inform the readers about the rationale that is behind the work and trying to justify the work. This is a key component of a research.
  • Qualities of a good introduction
    There is no work limit on the introduction like it is the case with the abstract. However, you must ensure that your introduction is quite concise. This part can prove to be quite tricky and there are many researchers and scientists that suggest that it should be written last.
    If your essay is wrong and you will need to have an outline, you should ensure that the introduction is structured around the outline. A few examples of an outline include:
    1. An introduction provides the paper’s overview without addressing other issues that are slightly different from an abstract
    2. It uses the principle of introducing the paper’s topic and ensuring that it is set in a broad context before it gradually narrow down to the research problem, hypothesis and thesis. A great introduction should explain how you plan to solve the research problem and create leads that will enable the reader to delve further into the work.
    3. Ensure that the paper is aimed at the people who have great working knowledge of the field

With these tips, it will be possible to have a great nursing paper introduction.