Top Tips For Writing A Research Paper In The MLA Format

When writing a research paper mla format, your instructor want you to format and even present the content in a certain way. The aim of this document is to show you how to format a research paper in mla format.

Setting of the document

The word processor that you are using comes with some default settings on line height, margin, typeface and paragraph spacing. When writing in the MLA style, there will be a need for:

  • 1-inch of margin which should be all around
  • A line height of 2.0. Ensure that the entire paper has been double-spaced and has a list of Works Cited and the title block.
  • There should not be any other extra spacing after writing the title, between your paragraphs or even between the bibliography items
  • A typeface of 12-point

Page headers

In your page’s top left, use the Page Header in the word processor to include the automatic page number as well as a surname. The page number should be at the top of the page.

Title block

You should include the following details in the corner of your upper left:

  • Your name
  • The name of the instructor
  • Course section and number
  • Today’s date
  • Include an informative title that should enable the reader to understand your key points

The following are the guidelines of dong the title block:

  • Should be double-spaced
  • Should have similar fonts as the other parts of your paper. This should not be enlarged or boldfaced
  • There shouldn’t be some extra space below or above your title
  • An informative title should include a general topic as well as a precise opinion on the topic.


When formatting your citation page, you should do the following:

  • When citing a block quote consisting of over 3 lines you should choose the text before clicking on Increase Indent. You should then place a parenthetical citation including the name of the author as well as the page number after a period. This is a bit different as compared to an inline quote. There should not be a comma between the name of the author as well as a page number. Avoid introductions that are wordy.
  • An inline quotation is a good choice for quoting passages that are less than 3 lines long. The parenthetical quotation will in most cases appear outside of the material that is quoted.