How To Organize An Outline For A Scientific Research Paper On Diabetes Care

In medical colleges, students write term papers on different medicine-related topics. You may be asked to create a scientific research paper on diabetes, for instance. One of the elements of a successful term paper is a good structure, so you should get insight on how to outline your text before you begin writing.

Making an Outline for Diabetes Research Paper

  1. Plan the introduction.
  2. The first section of your paper should describe your topic to the reader and make them understand what to expect from the rest of the paper.

  3. Plan the literature survey.
  4. In this section, you should inform your readers about the main diabetes-related books that you consulted during your study.

  5. Plan the description of the methodology.
  6. This section should explain what set of methods you’ve picked for your study and thoroughly describe everything you did during your work.

  7. Plan the discussion of the findings.
  8. In this section, you should show the outcomes of your research to the readers, interpret their meaning, and explain their significance.

  9. Plan the conclusion.
  10. The last section of the main body should summarize information presented in the paper and offer one or more ways for other people to continue the study you’ve begun.

  11. Plan the bibliography.
  12. This should be a section that lists each and every source that has been consulted in the study and cited in the text.

  13. Plan the appendices.
  14. In this section, you should include different graphs, pictures, and tables that would be difficult to put in other sections of your paper.

Where to Seek a Diabetes Research Paper Example

Above is a basic outline that you should follow planning the structure of your paper. To get a better understanding of how to compose your text, it’s advisable to read several diabetes-related sample papers. Below are the sources that you may get examples from:

  • Your instructor;
  • Your medical college library;
  • Local academic centers;
  • Online academic libraries;
  • Academic student forums and communities.

Shortly speaking, if you keep in mind the useful guidelines presented above and look through several good examples on similar research topics, you’re likely to succeed in structuring your term paper correctly and getting an excellent mark for your academic assignment.