Picking up research paper topics related to nursing in the US

Many students confess that they find it difficult to create good research paper topics related to nursing. However, a good starting point is by choosing one or 2 specific topics that you find interesting in the discipline such as mental health, nursing, athletic training and many more. If you are still finding it difficult to choose good research paper topics on nursing, here are a few ideas that are worth exploring.

  • Obesity is a health concern in the United States especially among children of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. What methods that can be used for specific populations in reducing its prevalence among children in the group.
  • Knee injuries are common among athletes. Which are the most effective rehabilitative methods for the treatment of the injury in relation to other methods?
  • The role of school social workers in the rural versus urban setting or in primary versus secondary schools.
  • Diabetes is considered to be one of the most common lifestyle diseases in the US. What are the risk factors and how can these be minimized?
  • Various states in the United States have started legalizing the use of marijuana. Are there legitimate reasons for the legalization of the drug? What social and economic impact is the legalization likely to have?
  • The use of mirror therapy in the treatment of stroke or brain-injured patients who suffer from gait disorder or partial paralysis.
  • Athletes and sprains. Common risk factors and how these can be prevented.
  • Whole grains in our diet. How good are whole grains in prevention of cardiovascular diseases?
  • Pruritus (itching) in patients who are hospitalized. A comparison of two topical agents that can be effective in minimizing the condition.
  • The role of exercise in improving mental health. How outdoor workout program can help to improve adult’s m.h status in patient who are suffering from cases of clinical depression.
  • The role of pet therapy using a dog in a 6 year-old child suffering from autism. What are the benefits of pet therapy in regard to social interaction and learning in children suffering from autism?
  • Gender equality in the United States: Is there equality in the nursing profession in the United States?
  • Reasons why people prefer to become nurses instead of doctors in the U.S.

Remember that finding good research paper topics nursing students is a great step towards scoring good grades for your paper.