A selection of unique medical research paper topics for college students

One of the first things that your teachers look at when they are marking your paper is whether you have good medical research paper topics. In case you do not know how to choose a good one, you can find online service for more information on how to come up with an impressive title. Remember that you have a lot riding on this, so it is better to get it right from the word go.
The following is a selection of some of the best topics that you might want to consider for your paper. You might want to select a few then discuss them with your teacher and agree on the best of them that you can handle easily:

  • Discuss the challenges that patients experience in the course of medical research
  • Explain some of the ethical challenges behind medical research on human beings
  • Discuss how the computer revolution has affected medical research, citing major milestones over the past decade
  • Discuss the necessity of conducting medical research through animals, and why it is a necessary evil
  • Explain how human tissues have formed an important element of medical research in the past
  • Explain how medical research has been used on dependent people, and the challenges arising from this
  • Discuss the milestones that have been made in embryonic research over the past few years
  • Explain why stem cells have become the main focus of recent medical studies
  • There is a lot of promise in stem cell studies that most people see this being the future of medicine. Explain some of the reasons why it might be a while before some of the potentials of stem cell research are realized
  • Should stem cell research be legalized? Discuss, citing relevant studies and case examples behind your work
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between group medical practice, partnership medical practice and medical practice as a sole proprietorship
  • Address some of the major milestones that have been achieved through stem cell research in the recent past.


Writing a good paper will usually depend on the kind of topics that you have chosen for it. If you are able to come up with some good research paper topics on medical field, you will have made the first stride towards getting good and impressive results in your work. Take your time and learn how to structure a good title, and then from there, you can proceed to learn how to write a good paper.