20 Strong Research Paper Topics On Science And Medicine

In college, you might be asked to compose a paper in medical science. There are a lot of research paper topics for science and medicine that you may choose for your project. If you’re struggling with generating a good idea for your study, you should gain inspiration by taking a look at a list of sample medical topics.

A List of Research Paper Topics: Medicine

  1. The effects of malaria on women during the pregnancy.
  2. The role of nurses in relapse prevention.
  3. Lingual lipase and its role in saliva function.
  4. The influence of the waist size on the risk of heart attack.
  5. The ways to prevent glaucoma.
  6. The best method of treating a concussion.
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of E-cigarettes for human health.
  8. The role of microorganisms that live in a human body.
  9. Ways to create alternatives to antibiotics.
  10. The connection between the odors of a person’s bodily fluids and their health.
  11. Creating organs and body parts using 3-D printing.
  12. Advantages of nanotechnology in cancer treating.
  13. Using stem cells to decrease death rates in patients with heart attacks.
  14. Methods of preventing eating disorders.
  15. Cystic fibrosis: can we find a cure to it?
  16. Ways of decreasing mortality rates of infants in developing countries.
  17. Methods of treating inflammatory bowel disease.
  18. Examining the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.
  19. The effects of chemicals used in food packaging on human health.
  20. Preventing miscarriages by changing a lifestyle.

Advice for Selecting Research Paper Topics about Science

Choosing a topic for your school or college paper, make sure that you can find a lot of information about it in libraries and on the Internet. Otherwise, you won’t have enough data to base your study upon. It’s also advisable to pick ideas that draw your genuine attention. This way, it’ll be more interesting and easier for you to conduct your study and write your paper.

Hopefully, the collection of sample topics above will help you generate a great idea for your medical science project. Otherwise, you should go to your project advisor and ask them to help you with finding a good subject to research.