Ultimate Guide for Citing Works in an MLA Research Paper

In present-day professional and academic world, it can’t be denied that standardized writing style is often required. Beginning as early as high school level, nearly all students are tasked to compose papers following Chicago, MLA, CSE and APA. In addition, this is both to be able to build an easy to follow and standard style for employers, professors and lecturers and of course to avoid plagiarism issues. Sadly, you cannot deny the fact that these formats are commonly perplexing, dense and comprehensive.

  • The Modern Language Association (MLA) is most typically used in humanities which consist of religion, foreign languages, literature, art, English, architecture and philosophy.
  • This writing format is not as strict as other citation styles. However, this has to come with a readable font size and you must ensure keeping the font on a specific size. More than that, before you begin writing your research paper, see to it that you use a uniform heading plan all through the rest of your document.
  • On the other hand, it is crucial to note that when it comes to electronic sources, the name of the author must be cited in-text if known. However, if it is unknown, keep in mind that the name of the article could be cited. When citing more than one source to authenticate a certain point, it is imperative for you to separate the citations by using a semicolon.
  • In order to acknowledge direct and indirect concepts or quotations which you have just borrowed from other references, it is essential that you use parenthetical citations.
  • Remember to use present tense at the time you are introducing a quoted or indicated material as well as when making personal comments on those. Past tense of verb is utilized only when you are to report historical events or during times when you need to cite a passage directly.
  • It is also fundamental to employ Works Cited page to serve as reference to your parenthetical sources.

It is worth mentioning that writers who use MLA style the correct way can easily bolster their trustworthiness by means of demonstrating to their source material. In like manner, this could shield writers from issues of plagiarism which refers to purposeful or unintentional use or reference materials other writers or authors without properly indicating them.

It makes sense for you to study what MLA style is all about first. MLA handbooks are available in reference libraries and also in several writing centers. You can also look for them in bookstores, libraries and online.