How To Write An Outline Of A High School Research Paper On Immunology

A term paper is a common but rather difficult high school assignment. Writing a research paper, high school students should know how to make a good outline. If you’re asked to compose a paper on immunology, for instance, you should plan its structure and contents before you begin writing your draft. This way, your paper will be more likely to earn you a high score.

Making an Immunology Research Paper Outline for High School

  1. Outline the introduction.
  2. Here, you should present your general topic related to immunology and address a specific question that you’re going to answer. Also, you should indicate the potential significance of your study.

  3. Outline the literature survey.
  4. This should be a chapter that presents the main theoretical sources and previous studies that you’ve based your work upon. Divide them into different groups depending on schools of thought and other factors.

  5. Outline the methodology.
  6. In this chapter, you should explain what approach you’ve selected to conduct your study. Then, you should thoroughly describe every important activity that you engaged in during your work.

  7. Outline the results.
  8. Here, it’s time to present the outcomes of your investigation. Provide the reader with raw figures and the interpretation of these results. Discuss the importance of your findings for the field of immunology.

  9. Outline the conclusion.
  10. Lastly, you should restate the purpose of your paper and summarize the points given in all previous chapters. Offer your audience one or several directions in which they can go to continue your study.

Finding Examples of Term Paper Outlines

You may also look at sample outlines to learn how to plan the structure of your paper in a better way. To get a research paper outline template, high school students may use different options. They may ask their teachers to provide them with examples, go to school libraries seeking for the needed samples, and download electronic templates from different online sources.

In summary, you should follow the tips above in order to make a good outline for your immunology term paper. Remember that it’s important to conduct your study before you start outlining your paper because only in this way, you’ll have all the necessary information. If you begin outlining and writing your text before you finish your research, the contents of your paper might not coincide with actual facts discovered during your investigation.